About Ivy

Hi! My name is Ivy. The founder of IvyPlants, we are based in Forney, Texas. My passion for plants started in late 2018 when I bought my first Fiddle Fig plant from Lowes. I felt joy and content when I brought the first plant to my home and had no idea that a plant could bring happiness. So, within that week, I bought more plants, and in less than two months, I nearly accumulated 20 plants in my one-bedroom apartment. I have high anxiety, and tending to my plants also helps with my anxiety.


In January 2019, I knew I wanted to sell plants because they brought happiness and joy every time I bought plants. And I thought this would be amazing if I could start a business that brings joy and happiness to people, so I began experimenting with growing and propagating, specializing in uncommon tropical plants. The next thing you know, the one-bedroom apartment was filled with plants. The feeling of providing healthy-rooted plants to plant people is very satisfying and fulfilling. So, in September 2019, Ivyplants.SHOP was born to serve the plant community across the united states.

I hope you find your wish plants here in my shop, and if you don't, please don't hesitate to email or follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ivyplants.shop to stay updated.

Email: Hi@ivyplants.shop