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Additional Packing Materials

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- Cool Shield bubble 

- Foam

We no longer use a heat pack for shipping plants, but we highly recommend purchasing additional packing materials to keep your plant babes extra warm and cozy.

Customer Reviews

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Justin McLynch
the unexpected

i ordered a variegated scindapsus jade (slightly rooted) im going to say it was a slightly rooted wetstick is what i was purchasing. however, upon arrival, i received (what i'm assuming is still slightly rooted, i haven't repot yet), a slightly rooted single leaf cutting! UNEXPECTED, but excited to see this surprise. let's just pray to variegation gods for the first leaf to have some variation! ps - i've actually looked at this website MANY OF TIMES, however, this was my first actual purchase.


Great packaging and beautiful plant!!

5 star packing!

I am always a bit worried when I buy plants online during winter, and as a precaution am used to adding heat packs with my orders. I appreciate that she doesn’t use heat packs since it’s warm where she ships from and too much heat can also cause damage to the plant.

On December 2021 we had unexpected snow that lasted for a week, I was a bit panicked since we’re not getting mails either because of the icy road conditions. Ivy was so accommodating to hold my order and packed my plants carefully that both my Hoyas came in healthy even with the delay and without heat packs! She just packs it so neat and amazingly! Always coming back to purchase from her. Thank you so much!

awe, thank you so much Fairy.
I appreciate you❤️

Michelle Shackelford
My Favorite Plant Shop

My plants came in perfect condition. This shop has great variety, I will be a forever customer.

Thank you so much! <3